Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist ‘friends’ Hamas and Hezbollah – the Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In a powerful lead article the Telegraph reports that Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to continue talking to terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah, in comments that threaten to further destabilise his leadership ahead of the local elections. The second bombshell highlighted that given Mr Corbyn’s handling of the anti semitism crisis in the Labour Party, there are claims that John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is waiting in the wings to launch an “organised takeover” as leader if Labour MPs launch a coup.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist ‘friends’ Hamas and Hezbollah 

I often debate politics with friends on different hiking groups in Cyprus. One, with passionately left-wing views, says that Jeremy Corbyn’s time’s probably up and John McDonnell would make a more effective leader, describing him as a ‘real political bruiser’. Meanwhile, a friend with conservative views is waiting for Labour to crash at the local elections.

Yesterday, my wife and I watched the BBC Andrew Marr show and subsequent programme which tried to explore the difference between anti semitism and anti zionism.  Life would be much easier if commentators explained to viewers or listeners what they meant by these terms.

Personally, I feel that there are now hard-left elements dominating the Labour Party that are pro-Palestinian, including supporting terrorist organizations and they are deeply anti semitic  AND anti zionist too. I predict that the next Labour Party leadership context will be both bloody and ugly.



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  1. Like Dr Alf and his wife, I too saw the Andrew Marr programme, and the limp wristed performance by Diane Abbott, who did herself and Jeremy Corbyn no favours.

    Anti Semitism has been with us for thousands of years, as evidenced by history in more than 80 major episodes and thousands of smaller ones.

    The Battle of Cable Street, with Sir Oswald Moseley and his blackshirts, aided by a complicit constabulary, was nearly lost until dockworkers and stevedores came to the aid of the Jewish community in the East End of London. Jeremy Corbyn needs to remember that his own father was at Cable Street.

    The birth of the State of Israel, in May 1948, was nearly stopped by the secret delivery of 25,000 rifles, delivered by the British secret services to the Palestinians at the time.

    During World War II, the Allies could have stopped the transportation of Jews to extermination camps but chose to deliberately not to bomb the railway lines leading to those camps.

    My own late father, who was with the Italian army in German occupied France, at the age of 20, rescued two railway wagons full of emaciated Jews destined for a concentration camp in Germany by unbolting the doors, shouting at them to run for their lives, in what little German he knew, and hid them and himself in a nearby church, whilst a Lancaster bomber circled overhead with orders to bomb the railway station but not the track because of the large concentration of SS troops that were there.

    Jeremy Corbyn has a record of appeasing IRA terrorists, by inviting them to the House of Commons, and this now extends to Hamas, Hezbollah and all sorts of Muslim Groups.

    Ken Livingstone has a similar track record of nonsense and gets his facts wrong.

    Hitler did not go mad but was evil; his extermination camps and gas ovens came into being after other methods such as shooting failed to achieve the desired “kill ratio”, and it should be remembered that he was financed in everything that he did by Union Bank Corporation, wealthy German industrialists like Fritz Thyssen a personal friend of George Prescott Bush, Rockefeller who provided oil and the engines that went into his Panzer tanks.

    To begin with, Hitler approached the British, who controlled Palestine to take the Jews who were in Germany; the British refused, on the grounds that they had too many problems governing that protectorate. He had his “Plan B” ready but again nobody did anything to stop him, and no newspaper said anything about the concentration camps and extermination camps that Hitler was building, even though the Allies must have had aerial photographs showing the nature and extent of the construction.

    The Labour Party is now run by people who want the Muslim vote at all costs, even if it means appeasing those Muslims who see everyone other than themselves as inferior.

    Jeremy Corbyn, by default and by omission, is engaged in this practice and the condonation by nudge and wink of anti Semitism. If Corbyn’s father was at Cable Street, then Corbyn needs to come clean and follow the proud example of his father or resign as an imposter.

  2. Very poor performance by Diane Abbot on Andrew Marr. That anti semitism is being addressed is to be welcomed. That Marr referred to Labour Party articles and comments stretching back years and decades we are speaking of now just shows how deep the problem is.

  3. I watched Andrew Marr and the debate programme afterwards. I thought Diane Abbot put forward a dreadful performance and far short of the usual pragmatic debate with Portillo and Neil on the politics show. Defending a sticky wicket? The most useful comment on the debate show was “please listen and stop shouting at each other”. That politicians are finally recognising anti Semitic views is welcome but newsletters referred to in the programme were 10 or 20 years old. That we are acknowledging the problem years after just shows the depth of the problem.

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