Opinion – German Lawmaker Reads Poem on Erdogan, to Show Just How Vulgar It Is – The New York Times – John Gelmini

English: Plenary chamber of the German parliam...

English: Plenary chamber of the German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) in the Reichstag building in Berlin. Deutsch: Plenarsaal des Deutschen Bundestages im Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The author of the poem about Erdogan is in jail as a message to all other would be satirists and poets who might want to criticise Turkey and the Merkel, Erdogan, Tusk deal on migrants, that dissent will not be tolerated.

In this illuminating New York Times piece, via Dr Alf, we see just how well President Erdogan has out-manoevered his EU counterparts, and is now getting Merkel to further abase herself by getting the offensive poem read out by a German lawmaker whilst the original author languishes in prison.

Erdogan is a tyrant who does not tolerate free speech in his own country and a man who wants to build a new Ottoman Empire; yet in this display we see Merkel, the most powerful woman in Europe, other than the UK Queen, tugging her forelock and abasing herself to Turkey’s president.

The second message is that we must all learn to love everything that Germany is doing in the EU and that ‘Merkel knows best’, knows what’s good for us, and will make sure that the rest of us comply and “eat our greens and our crusts”.

John Gelmini

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