The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump – The New Yorker

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a deeply worrying, must-read article from the New Yorker. It considers that if Trump came to power, there is a decent chance that the American experiment would be over.

Source: The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump – The New Yorker

Democracies everywhere are worried about the rise of right wing populism. For example, in the UK we see the Boris Johnson/Nigel Farage axis playing to xenophobia and quaint ideas of sovereignty and nationalism.

From rightwing populism expect anger, hostility, and violence from the most vocal supporters. Freedom and democracy will suffer. Minorities should be seriously worried.


Opinion – UK referendum: Campaign scorecard – POLITICO

This is an outstanding, easy-to-read summary from Politico. It explores who’s up, who’s down and considers whether David Cameron should panic yet.

Source: UK referendum: Campaign scorecard – POLITICO

For me the highlight of the week was Boris Johnson for his gross errors of judgement.

Next week we see that Nigel Farage is on the his campaign bus around the country. With the Remain economic evidence overwhelming, expect Farage and his right-wing supporters to turn up the xenophobia dial. Apart from xenophobia and quaint but uncosted views of sovereignty, Brexit supporters have no structured argument nor risk assessment. Expect Brexit supporters to turn from denial to anger and then we could well expect hostility to turn to violence.

Meanwhile, many  Tory supporters are looking to the economic consequences of a Brexit and are increasingly worried for the future of their families – the risks are real, with a very high probability and they know it. Most traditional Labour supporters are convinced too, they want the continued protection from the EU – they fear for their rights and economic prosperity under a rightwing Brexit government struggling to deal with meltdown economic crises. This makes me wonder at the emerging profile of the Brexiteers –  older, right-wing populists, perhaps unemployed, on benefits, similar to Marine Le Pen and Trump supporters in France and the US?  Perhaps, the Brexiteers need a spell in boot-camp or social service to open their eyes?