EU looks to help Libya to aid in crackdown on human traffickers in the Mediterranean | News | DW.COM | 23.05.2016

Leading German new agency DW reports that experts fear desperate migrants will try to make the perilous crossing from Libya to Italy as the weather improves. It reminds us that more than a million migrants arrived in Europe last year, but hundreds died crossing the Mediterranean.

Source: EU looks to help Libya to aid in crackdown on human traffickers in the Mediterranean | News | DW.COM | 23.05.2016

With Angela Merkel‘s refugee policies imposed on the EU receiving increasing criticism and President Erdogan writing op-eds in the Guardian, the refugee crisis once again looking out of control. Surely, it’s time for the US, Canada and Australia to take a bigger share of the refugees in proportion to their land mass?


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  1. If it is genuine refugees with verifiable backgrounds and skills we need/have shortages of then that is one thing.What we are actually getting is people from 180 different nationalities embedded with the refugees who the EU are reclassifying as refugees plus people of dubious status who deliberately throw away their papers. EUROPOL says it is already trying to track down 5000 jihadists ,a good number of whom came to Europe masquerading as refugees.
    Any comprehensive strategy needs to deal with the classification of all these people at some point much closer to the point of origin.
    Turkey is accepting refugees and economic migrants for £6 billion GBP a year but this same mixture of people is now entering Europe via Libya and thence to Italy where in one 4 hour period yesterday 2,600 people had to be rescued.
    The trouble with “seeing matters through to the end” is that there is no “end” or does not seem to be and we have trouble getting Muslims to accept our way of life and integrate in the way that countless sets of others have in the past. Obama will soon be history but he is still making mistakes and we need to be sure that his successor,almost certainly Hillary Clinton does not repeat them.
    I fear that by trying to be benign we will encourage more nett migration of the kind we do not need and cannot afford.

  2. This news brought to us from DW, the leading German news agency courtesy of Dr Alf, says that the EU is looking for help from Libya to help “crack down” on human traffickers in the Mediterranean.

    In another post from Dr Alf, we learn that President Erdogan of Turkey is also seeking help from other countries to deal with migrants despite being in receipt of a deal for £6 billion GBP for taking in migrants.

    As further background, we need to consider the state of the countries where most of the refugees are fleeing from and the fact that the UK alone sends foreign aid to many African leaders from a total aid budget of £16 billion GBP a year but that because of corruption only a fraction of that money actually reaches the destination originally earmarked for that purpose.

    We are sending one lot of money to build economies, another lot of money when people flee as a result of their leaders stealing the money, and another lot to people like President Erdogan who now wants to keep most of the money and who wants other countries to take in more “refugees”.

    Does it not occur to anyone that our actions motivate people smugglers into greater activity, not less and that by agreeing to take more economic migrants in we are impoverishing our own people whilst enriching corrupt dictators and criminals?

    We decided in the West to topple Gadhaffi because he wanted Africa to move away from the dollar onto a new currency backed by gold. He paid with his life by being shot in the back of the head having been tortured and handcuffed in the back of a pickup truck. Since then ISIS has decamped to Libya from which it plans more activities likely to create more refugee flows.

    We take no effective action against this new ISIS headquarters but want the help of the Libyan Government in curtailing people smugglers?

    We must be mad or perhaps someone can explain to me why we should be taking a single economic migrant or refugee or worrying about people smugglers when everything we are doing is going to make these problems much worse.

    We are full up and with AI, robotics and automation we will not need extra people to deal with demographic changes. This fact needs to be communicated to our boneheaded leaders and those that do not “get it ” need to be replaced with people who have messianic zeal to be of public service to people who actually live in the West and who deserve to be helped to become more prosperous not financially emasculated by politicians with divided loyalties.

    • John, many thanks for sharing your views here. I see matters slightly differently.

      I feel that there is a compassionate case for dealing with genuine refugees but the distribution needs to reflect the relative size and population density of countries not its GDP or some other economic measure. There is also a need for leaders who are prepared to sign up to a comprehensive strategy and see matters through to the end. Much of the chaos has arisen because of Obama’s disasterous foreign policy.

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