Opinion – Lancet attacked for publishing study claiming low-salt diet could kill you | Science | News | The Independent – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right about the Lancet and this brings into sharp focus the deliberate lack of accurate information emerging from the UK Government and the NHS about health and nutrition.

Niagen, a life extension compound and global breakthrough, was discovered by an Australian Professor Sinclair at the Harvard Medical School in 2014 but this was never reported here.

Rife machines to help cure cancer are in every German hospital where cancer is treated but not here in the UK and it’s never written about here in the media. Bisphenol, a known carcinogen, gender reassigner and testosterone reducer, is allowed here but banned in other countries; again the NHS and the medical profession in the UK have nothing to say. These findings on salt content, coupled with the Government’s supine approach to food industry pressure on salt and sugar, shows just how much they are in thrall to the Alimentarius Commission which secretly meets and determines what can and cannot go into our foods, the structure of food labelling directives, the legal framework for “supplements directives” and food product labelling.

The UK public are being misinformed, uninformed and deliberately misled, and they need to wake up and inform themselves.

John Gelmini

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