Opinion – When – if ever – will the real Cameron stand up? – Simon Heffer – the Daily Telegraph

This is a robust article from Simon Heffer in the Telegraph. It’s worth a read to see the red meat that is being thrown to traditional tory supporters.

Source: When – if ever – will the real Cameron stand up?

Personally, I agree with Simon Heffer that David Cameron is not an effective leader and that he probably has warmer support with the G20 gathering than in the UK media ahead of the Brexit referendum.

As a passionate European, I take strong exception with Simon Heffer on the Brexit debate. Judging by the imbedded poll in the article most Telegraph readers are pro-Brexit unlike the national polls.

I am a lifelong one-nation conservative. Sadly, these days I see the UK Conservative Party lurching to the right trying to avoid a hemorrhage to UKIP. Cameron’s leadership of the central ground of politics is eroding quickly. As I follow the daily news on Brexit, I find myself supporting prominent Labour campaigners. The right wing Tory leaders of Brexit are playing a dangerous game stirring up false patriotism and very real xenophobia.

The article suggests that the knives are out for David Cameron’s back, even if he wins the referendum and the the UK votes in favour for staying in.

Regular readers of this blog will remember that I am well ahead of Simon Heffer in his reasoning.

When Cameron and Osborne first came to power, I soon learned that that they were not lead by conviction, rather short-term political gain. Time and time again, along with my colleague and fellow-blogger, John Gelmini, we have searched for a cohesive government strategy but in vain. Cameron and Osborne are political chameleons.

David Cameron shot himself in the foot when he agreed to the Brexit referendum in the first place. Many now question his wisdom and judgement. I suggest that Cameron has never been an effective leader and in control of his party.

As a realist, I cannot see David Cameron reuniting the Conservative Party after the referendum, even if the UK people vote to stay in. I predict a split in the Conservative Party, a vote of no-confidence and an early election – with a strengthened Labour Party – this would not be more of the Third Way of the Blair years but a strongly left-wing UK government.


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  1. Sadly, I think that Dr Alf and Simon Heffer are going to be disappointed by David Cameron,the man whom asked why he wanted to become Prime Minister said “Because I think I’d be rather good at it”.

    To me that phrase does not smack of conviction of the kind Lady Thatcher possessed but of vacillation, trimming with the wind and following secret orders.

    The real David Cameron is a human hologram presenting whatever people wish to hear at any given moment and then morphing into a different role when speaking to someone else. Thus President Erdogan of Turkey is reassured by words about EU membership fast tracking, the UK public are told in stentorian tones that Turkey will not be an EU member until the year 3000.

    He never was a true Conservative but is in fact rather liberal and a proponent of the Committee of 300’s agenda of de industrialisation and the hollowing out of the middle classes.

    Simon Heffer, who is a ginger haired florid faced Englishman and who writes thundering pieces of reporting has just discovered that the Prime Minister is not a true Conservative as have his MPs and the people who work tirelessly to get Conservative MP’s elected.

    Unlike Dr Alf, I do not yet find myself attracted to the ideas of moderate Labour MPs and do not believe that the Labour Party is electable. The Conservatives need a new leader, ideally someone like Andrea Leadsom, so as not to split the party and have a sharp telegenic spokesperson for sound policies on taxation, fiscal policy, defence, law and order, health, business, transport and family life.

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