Blair and Brown letter aims to unite Labour over EU poll | Politics | The Guardian

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingd...

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1997-2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Gordon Brown

English: Gordon Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a powerful article, the Guardian reports that former PMs and past Labour leaders urge party backers to vote on 23 June, warning that Brexit will mean ‘profound loss’ to UK.

Source: Blair and Brown letter aims to unite Labour over EU poll | Politics | The Guardian

What struck me most about this article was the emerging common interest of both the center-left and the center-right. Throughout Europe we are seeing the polarization of political power – at one extreme is the far-right and the other is the far-left. Both polarities are big on dogma and ignore evidence and typically believe that the end justifies the means.

Perhaps with a Brexit vote to Remain, we shall see the reemergence of the central ground of politics in the UK?

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  1. Blair and Brown have been wheeled out now in a show of unity prior to the Bilderberg meeting next week in Dresden when the final push for Remain will be orchestrated in a frenzied burst of Project Fear style stories. As Dr Alf will remember these two do not like each other but periodically they have to work together when instructed to do so.

    They will not be able to unite the Labour Party over the issue because of the deep sense of betrayal many people in that party feel over Iraq (Blair) and over Afghanistan (Brown) when that man’s administration caused many of our soldiers to die through lack of effective body armour.

    Gordon Brown himself destroyed the pension system of defined benefit schemes by abolishing dividend tax relief and he was responsible for allowing the directors of Equitable life, like Ray Ransome, to walk away scot free while impoverished and swindled Equitable Life policyholders died or were left with next to nothing.

    Politics will continue to polarise until the economy regularises itself which will not be anytime soon.

    • John, thanks for sharing your post. I think the point is that many leading Labour politicians are sharing a platform with David Cameron, so seeing Blair and Brown united on Brexit is a powerful message. I agree that the final push from both sides will be strong on negative campaigning.

      As to fears, I have said many times that these are well defined risks. The Remain team have comprehensive economic evidence and risk assessments to support their case. Whereas, the Brexit team cannot offer any robust economic projections, probably because they are so bad – nor are they ready to identify mitigation for risks. I suspect in the final push, the Brexit team will whip up more fear and xenophobia.

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