Outrage as French govt reveals plan to teach Arabic in primary schools — RT News

Najat Belkacem

Najat Belkacem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russia‘s RT reports that France’s Education minister, Najat Vallaud Belkacem, has found herself on the firing line since revealing a plan to teach Arabic to primary school kids as young as six. Belkacem has suggested including Arabic among the language choices for French pupils.

Source: Outrage as French govt reveals plan to teach Arabic in primary schools — RT News

This is a highly political issue ahead of the French national election in April/May 2017. I suspect that this statement will push more ordinary French people to towards Marine Le Pen.

It’s a very irresponsible remark in my view. I suspect that Ms  Belkacem was looking for headlines and patronage from her supporters. Although she describes herself as a non-practicing Muslim, her remarks will strengthen the power of Muslims in France.

For me, this illustrates the dangerous politics that is coming from the far-left in Europe. Rhetoric and headlines come first and evidence is subordinated. It’s just like the casual remarks of former London mayor, Ken Livingstone. Perhaps, Livingstone will propose Arabic in the UK’s schools?


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  1. It is as Dr Alf says a highly contentious issue but the question of exports and the need to learn different and useful languages in Europe and the UK is essential if the EU in its present form or as individual countries which make it up, is to start earning and paying its way.

    MI5 and MI6 both say that the most important languages for the future are going to be Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese (despite Brazil’s present difficulties), and Arabic.

    Teaching Arabic in French Primary schools is a sop to Muslims and should be avoided but teaching these three important languages compulsorily within the context of a longer and more demanding curriculum should occur in every school in Europe and the UK at an an appropriate age and be followed by compulsory National Service.

    Migrant populations coming into Europe should be required to learn the languages of the host country, in this case French but the tail should never be allowed to wag the dog.

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