UK referendum: Campaign scorecard – POLITICO

English: Politico button

English: Politico button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For an outstanding snapshot of the Brexit debate Politico provides a weekly round-up. It analyses who’s up, who’s down and questions whether David Cameron should be panicking yet?

Source: UK referendum: Campaign scorecard – POLITICO

In case you are new to this blog. I’m a passionate European and favor Remain and my colleague, friend and fellow blogger John Gelmini is equally passionate in favor of Brexit. No doubt we’ll continue blogging after the Brexit referendum but I wonder if the Conservative and Labour parties will ever be the same?



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  1. I am with Gelemi it is time to reclaim our sovereignty and to leave the sclerotic EU to sort themselves out.
    Germany is largely responsible for this mess we are in and are desperate for the UK to remain.

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