Opinion – ‘Most exciting cancer treatment since chemotherapy’ could save patients using DNA tests – Telelegraph – John Gelmini

From the National Cancer Institute. http://pre...

From the National Cancer Institute. http://press2.nci.nih.gov/sciencebehind/cancer/cancer01.htm vi:Hình:Cancer requires multiple mutations from NIH-vi.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Colorectal cancer, gross appearance o...

English: Colorectal cancer, gross appearance of an opened colectomy specimen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1938 poster identifying surgery, x-rays and ra...

1938 poster identifying surgery, x-rays and radium as the proper treatments for cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf should wonder no more, German cancer treatments work because they use two treatments not available to the UK’s NHS:
1)Rife machines of the latest re-engineered type in every cancer ward
2)A system for cooking cancer cells to death (this is why Ronald Reagan lived 19 more years despite having 3 types of cancer)

They (in Germany) and other healthcare systems use the latest drugs which NICE refuses patients.

Beyond that, the UK Government does not want cancer patients to live a long time if they are going to be incapable of working and paying taxes afterwards so it gets the NHS to put people on the newly renamed former Liverpool Care Pathway or it sends them home as happened to my younger brother Carlo who my sister in law finished off by shouting at him and upsetting him prior to giving him an overdose of morphine in April 2015.

There are at least 42 different types of cancer cure ranging from ESSIAC, Gerson therapy, apricot kernels and Chinese herbal remedies to oxygen therapy which I discovered during the 14 extra years that my brother lived following the NHS prognosis which was that nothing more could be done.

It is time that the UK’s NHS is held to account for its poor cancer care. Also if the BBC don’t want to report the news honestly then they should lose their tax-payer subsidy.

John Gelmini

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