Washington Military Planners Have Gone Mad | New Eastern Outlook

This is a must read article that challenges naivety of Washington’s military planners in escalating the risk of war with both Russia and China.

Source: Washington Military Planners Have Gone Mad | New Eastern Outlook

It is widely recognized that America’s foreign policy has suffered deeply under the shaky leadership of President Obama. Since WWII, the the US military has made many serious errors of judgement. The period of US hegemony is over, China will soon be the world’s largest economy and it is serious error of judgement to think that power can be balanced militarily.

Time and time, both Russia and China have outfoxed Obama’s ponderous administration. Bad as things have been under Obama, imagine the risk level escalating under a right-wing populist president, like Trump? Dangerously Trump probably believes his own rhetoric. Time and time again far-right leaders have been found to favor the end justifying the means and deeply questionable morality.

Rather than escalating matters with Russia, now is the time for a wise leader to de escalate and seek win win opportunities.

Let me ask an open question:

Surely now is the time to scrap US and European sanctions on Russia?


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