David Cameron’s post-referendum survival guide – POLITICO

Politico reports that the UK prime minister’s options for uniting his party amid growing talk of a coup attempt after June 23. The article presents an intriguing post-referendum survival guide for David Cameron.

Source: David Cameron’s post-referendum survival guide – POLITICO

The scenarios mentioned in this article are all quite fascinating. Whilst I have never been a great fan of David Cameron, the next few months will be a true test of his political leadership skills.

Perhaps, David Cameron might emerge post Brexit as a stronger leader?


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  1. As Dr Alf knows, David Cameron has already said he will not go for a 3rd term which means that he can stay until 2018 at the latest in order to allow for an orderly transition. He should have won against the useless Gordon Brown without having to go into Coalition with the Liberal Democrats but he failed to do so. If it were down to me he would have been given his marching orders a long time ago because he is not a true Conservative,cannot negotiate to save his life,insults people like the Chinese who we cannot afford to insult and gets taken for a ride by people like President Erdogan of Turkey.
    Yes he could try to reshuffle but wreaking revenge would split the Conservatives and let in Labour under a more telegenic leader if an early election were to be called.
    He has to go quickly if he loses the Referendum or more slowly if he wins with an orderly transition to new leadership under someone sharp and highly effective such as Andrea Leadsom ,rather than Boris ,Osborne,May or Gove all of whom are getting long in the tooth.
    David Cameron has more than enough money ,an accomplished and attractive wife and a good network—I wish him well in the new role he has been promised,sooner rather than later.

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