The World Beyond Europe Does Not Favour Brexit | Chatham House

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English: Chatham House At the north-west corner of St James’s Square is the home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Three former Prime Ministers have lived here – Pitt the Elder, Lord Derby and William Gladstone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top international affairs think-tank, Chatham House, argues that a stock-take of international developments and perspectives contradicts the Brexit narrative on two levels.

Source: The World Beyond Europe Does Not Favour Brexit | Chatham House

Based in London, Chatham House is one of the most respected international think tanks in the world.

The latest article will challenge the credibility of the Brexit case that the UK can negotiate new trade deals outside Europe.

Brexit risks a rapid reduction of trade and investment with the simplistic Little Englander ideas of going it alone without the EU.

The Brexit leaders are too afraid to publish economic projections and risk assessments – they know that they’ll lose views with escalating fear levels. Most of their arguments are flaky, especially in relation to Britain finding new markets. Where is the Brexit team’s evidence?


David Cameron’s post-referendum survival guide – POLITICO

Politico reports that the UK prime minister’s options for uniting his party amid growing talk of a coup attempt after June 23. The article presents an intriguing post-referendum survival guide for David Cameron.

Source: David Cameron’s post-referendum survival guide – POLITICO

The scenarios mentioned in this article are all quite fascinating. Whilst I have never been a great fan of David Cameron, the next few months will be a true test of his political leadership skills.

Perhaps, David Cameron might emerge post Brexit as a stronger leader?