Opinion – John Major: NHS at risk from Brexit ‘pythons’ Johnson and Gove | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

English: John Major, British Conservative poli...

English: John Major, British Conservative politician and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attending the memorial service for Lord Weatherill, former speaker of the House of Commons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched Sir John Major delivering this verdict on Brexit and on Boris Johnson and Ian Duncan Smith, the NHS and his thoughts on loyalty.

I also remember an ashen faced Norman Lamont and John Major after “Black Wednesday”, which was precipitated by George Soros, the American financier and billionaire, and wreaked economic havoc on the UK. This is the same John Major who made sure that we stayed out of the ERM.  Sir John Major may have identified Boris Johnson correctly as a “Court Jester” but whilst some of what he said was true as Dr Alf says, I cannot buy everything he says based on his previous actions and disregard for UK taxpayers which I can vividly remember.

The NHS is in dire trouble anyway and will financially implode because of overmanning, poor procurement and abuse by pensioners, hypochondriacs and malingerers. Unless it is abolished and replaced it will not matter whether the UK Remains or Brexits.

John Gelmini

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