EU referendum: Labour warns of Brexit emergency budget – BBC News

The Guardian leads today reporting that leaving the EU would lead to an emergency budget, more cuts in public spending and tax rises, senior Labour figures will claim.

Source: EU referendum: Labour warns of Brexit emergency budget – BBC News

Many supporters of the Brexit’s right-wing populism are less fortunate, and frequently takers from society, rather than contributors. Many take benefits and public services for granted. But their world will collapse after a Brexit win – it will herald a move to the right economically and they will be sacrificed like pawns.

It is time to wake up. The risks are real and they will become reality, hurting ordinary people and their familes.


Brexit – Beyond the fringe | The Economist

The Economist reports that Brexiteers are deliberately vague about the alternatives to European Union membership. It argues that this is because most models, such as Iceland’s, are unsatisfactory.

Source: Beyond the fringe | The Economist

The economic case against Brexit is clear.

However, I think that is now time for the Remain team to lead on sovereignty and effective controls of immigration. The Brexit arguments about sovereignty are quaint, dated and shallow. Immigration must be controlled effectively from within Europe.