Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur | Lead – The Economist

This is a brilliant, outstanding, must-read, lead article from the Economist. It concludes, whether born of apathy or ambition, Mr Corbyn’s behaviour in relation to the Brexit referendum does him no credit. The bottom line is that if Britain does vote to leave, it will need a strong opposition leader but sadly, it will not have one.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur | The Economist

Traditional Labour Party supporters must be rallied and alarmed to the real risks of Brexit. Otherwise, when the dust settles after a pro-Brexit vote, it will not be the Conservative Party but the Labour Party that will be enfeebled.


One response

  1. Jeremy Corbyn is playing the game he was instructed to play when he became a Privy Councillor, appointed by the Queen.
    He was instructed to back Remain, having spent his whole life opposing the EU and tries to get away with it by talking about workers rights. His support is lukewarm but whilst there was no “30 pieces of silver” to incentivise him, he has clearly been leaned on very hard indeed.

    As it is, he is unelectable but hopes with some justification that the Conservative Party will split and let him in by default.

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