Brexit could destroy the UK as we know it –

Brexit is unpatriotic. According MEP and writer Sajjad Karim, the implications for the imminent referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union are huge and wide-ranging – they really couldn’t be any greater.

Source: Brexit could destroy the UK as we know it –

It’s necessary for the Remain team to take the high ground on patriotism as well as seize the initiative on immigration.



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  1. Let’s take the proposition put forward by Euro, courtesy of Dr Alf and examine it for a second. They suggest that a BREXIT could destroy the UK “As we know it”.

    By implication, the UK as we know it is perfectly formed, perfectly run and, even if it has faults, is better off in its present form.

    The reality is somewhat different and worse than that, if it does not change to “the world we do not yet know”, it will be unrecognisable anyway.

    Currently, we have a Union composed of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.All of this Union, plus the North East of England, much of the North West of England and all of Cornwall are not economically self-sufficient and have not been for at least 100 years. These areas are reliant on the discredited Barnett Formula, which is worth £33 billion GBP and comes from London, SE England, E. Anglia and the Home Counties.These productive areas of the country, and the taxpayers within them, provide practically all the money that is required and they pay the most in Petroleum Revenue Tax because car ownership is higher, travel distances are longer and freight miles by lorry and light van are greatest.

    Even if the price of oil were to reach $100 USD a barrel,Scotland ,which gets Barnett Formula money at a higher rate than anyone else,Scotland is still economically dependent on English taxpayers and the diaspora of Scottish people working in the areas of England which produce more than they can consume. They are therefore going nowhere and the idea that they would become independent and join the EU which is in financial trouble is laughable. The rest of the country outside of the part which pays the Barnett Formula and the EU nett budget contributions is also going nowhere.
    “Northern Powerhouses” have to be paid for,roadsigns in Cornwall where the memory of the long dead Michael Ango still features in the minds of the self styled “Kernow”,have to be paid for,the Welsh are incapable of even keeping their own steelworks at Port Talbot open without further subsidies from the English taxpayer either and Northern Ireland is in the same position.

    If any of this Celtic Fringe of assorted “Bravehearts”,daffodil lovers,Ulstermen and dreamers about lost kingdoms were to become independent and go it alone they would be on their own and without a penny of additional English taxpayers money.

    The likelihood of that is about zero because representatives of all of these people have one thing in common ,a sense of entitlement for more money,”A bigger settlement for Wales”,More money for Scotland”,”A rebalancing of the economy away from London”.

    Until they are weaned off the Barnett Formula and EU money these unproductive and economically non viable entities will remain like overweight babies still attached to the comforts of infant formula and “mothers milk” so they need to be forced from the nest after a sensible period of notice and made to stand on their own two feet. This needs to happen irrespective of whether there is a BREXIT or not.

    The 6 things that need to change after a BREXIT, should it happen, are :
    a)The size and shape of the public sector,which is too large,too top heavy and unaffordable
    b)A dramatic reduction in the size of the Monarchy
    c)A dramatic reduction of foreign aid
    d)A rebuilding of our defences
    e)Transformation of the UK into an attractive tax haven within EFTA or alone
    f)An inculcation into the minds of everyone in the UK that we are responsible for our own health,prosperity and well being and that we earn our way out of trouble by exporting,making and creating things that people want to buy and are willing to pay for.

    Anything less than this will mean a breakdown in public services and calls for an English Parliament and independence from freeloaders of all kinds.

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