Lead the EU, don’t leave: Gordon Brown heads Labour’s push to remain | Politics | The Guardian

English: Gordon Brown

English: Gordon Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Guardian reports that former PM, Gordon Brown is to set out reforms he believes UK could achieve during its 2017 EU presidency as party steps up campaign.

Source: Lead the EU, don’t leave: Gordon Brown heads Labour’s push to remain | Politics | The Guardian

The Remain team have far more heavy-hitters and they need to up their campaign in the final run up to the referendum.


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  1. Gordon Brown was wheeled out during the Scottish Referendum debate because people in authority panicked instead of calling the Scots bluff.

    The Scots were granted a huge number of concessions in exchange for nothing in return when even with oil at $100 USD a barrel they were in no position to “go it alone”.

    Gordon Brown is therefore not the sort of “heavy hitter” I would want on my side and based on the lies and bad calls he has made in the past I would not want this ill tempered man anywhere near a cherished cause.

    Dr Alf seeks heavy hitters for the Remain side,Lord Sugar is probably one,Sir Stuart Rose is another and Sir Martin Sorrel is another. The Remain team do need to up their game even though a BREXIT vote will probably be reversed on Bilderberger instructions emanating from their meeting this week in Dresden.

    They need to describe the new towns that will be built to accommodate the UK’s already rising population,how they will further penetrate the EU market to secure jobs that are not dependent on sales to the Irish Republic,how they will reform the EU so that fraud and financial irregularity are minimised and the rationale behind the EU Army which they plan to announce soon after the Referendum. They will need to outline a precise timetable for EU enlargement and explain the proposed African migration deal and a breakdown of the £6.1 billion GBP which is its initial cost.

  2. True! If the way the EU conducts itself is the problem and you are the biggest nation in Europe, why run like cowards? Why not stand up and show how it should be done?

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