EU referendum: The arguments for voting Remain | The Economist

This is an outstanding must-read blog from the Economist. It reports that the opinion polls seem to indicate that Britain will vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd. It suggests that the gambling markets, which many investors rely on as the “true” signal, are moving the same way (towards Brexit). It argues that it is time for one last chance to argue the case for Remain.

Source: EU referendum: The arguments for voting Remain | The Economist

I hope that common sense will prevail and that Europe will step in avert the crisis. Similarly, UK voters need to be encouraged that the UK has a better option by influencing Europe from remaining in the EU.



What The First 100 Days After Brexit Would Look Like | Zero Hedge

ECB Hazard Very Toxic Symbol

ECB Hazard Very Toxic Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zero Hedge looks at post Brexit crisis management. It argues that before dawn on June 24, if an exit vote becomes clear, the EU’s top brass from Berlin to Brussels will be forced into damage control. It suggests that in echoes of the Greek debt crisis, euro-area finance ministers may hold an emergency meeting as soon as that evening. It concludes that wild swings in the pound, more aggressive interventions by the Swiss National Bank and a ratcheting up of global instability rank as likely market reactions.

Source: What The First 100 Days After Brexit Would Look Like | Zero Hedge

Elsewhere in the news the French Republican Party is signalling that the ultimate failure for the EU would be to let the UK leave and invite Turkey instead.

There is still room for Europe’s politicians to make last minute concessions to the UK. Will we see Angela Merkel riding in on a white horse coming to David Cameron‘s rescue?