Jo Cox, Brexit and the Politics of Hate – The New York Times

This is an outstanding, must-read op-ed from the NYT. It explores the question, ‘Is a member of Parliament’s killing a sign of how toxic British politics have become?’

Source: Jo Cox, Brexit and the Politics of Hate – The New York Times

Right-wing populists are gathering in Austria and giving their support to Brexit, focusing upon immigration controls and the destruction of the EU.

Trump, Le Pen and Farage are all right-wing populists and it is their poisonous rhetoric that is inflaming the politics of hate.



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  1. I have read this article and seen the BBC coverage of Jo Cox who is in danger of being canonised by the Pope as a saint if the various hagiographies are to be believed.

    Dr Alf, who brings us this article, may remember the phrase “The nation coming together in grief”, following the death of the late Princess Diana. A similar phrase was used yesterday along with “National mourning”.

    This is deeply offensive. I do not grieve for people I do not know and neither do most people; the same goes for “trying to make sense of what has happened” and being in shock.

    Jo Cox was an MP, one of 649 people supposedly representing us in Parliament.

    She was a mother and wife, so to her children and her widowed husband she meant something and certainly I would prefer my elected representatives not to be shot and stabbed in a Yorkshire town as if we were living in Prohibition era Chicago under Al Capone.

    Putting matters in proportion, we lose 2,950 people a year to road accidents, 70,000 a year to family doctors making genuine mistakes of diagnosis and 120,000 a year via the NHS through botched operations. This is out of 64.5 million people plus 8 million illegal migrants.

    Terrorists operating on the UK mainland have killed at most 50 people since 2001 which is less than the odds of being struck down by lightning or winning the rollover jackpot on the National Lottery—About 16 million to 1, a figure which Dr Alf would recognise from his earlier role as a Financial Director, as statistically insignificant.

    We are now led to believe that Jo Cox’s killer is a Neo Nazi, who was against mass immigration and that he hated what Jo Cox stood for, and that he wanted to leave the EU.

    The implication then is that because Nigel Farage, or a Brexiteer, makes a speech that the likelihood of further Neo Nazis emerging from obscurity to kill MPs is going to increase in a burst between Monday the 20th of June and close of polling on the 23rd of June.

    Most people don’t own guns in this country and most would have trouble summoning up the cruelty to kick their neighbour’s cat, let alone plot the death of an MP, so I have to think that this was an aberration rather than a sinister trend.

    • John,

      I have read your arguments but do not agree with your conclusion. Jo Cox died because she was prominently supporting Brexit and humane treatment of refugees. To deny this fact is to move into post-truth politics (see Economist lead which I’ve reblogged).

      • Jo Cox’s alleged killer has not yet been tried and although we think he was a Neo Nazi the remarks,attributed to him and tweeted by Angela Eagle were withdrawn. When he is tried and we have heard all the evidence and we have established his guilt and his mental state then we will know the facts. The death of a pro Remain MP at the hands of a murderer who held the views he is alleged to have had cannot be placed at the door of everyone who happens to disagree with her view as if we were all as guilty or of the same mental state as the murderer. What happened is tragic but it is 1 murder out of about 800 a year and should not be blown out of proportion.

      • John, the evidence is clear. Jo Cox was murdered because of whom she was and her political values and convictions. In court on Saturday, the alleged killer did not say he was sorry, he reiterated his hate filled fascist views. Ordinary law abiding British people who might be favoring Brexit must chose between Farage and his hard-right supporters and truth. Truth is on the side of Remain.

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