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This is an outstanding article by Barbara Wesel published by DW. She reports that in a few days’ time, Britain will vote on its future in the European Union and cautions that if they decide to leave, this might turn out to be the biggest mistake in recent European history.

Source: Opinion: Brexit will be a big mistake | Opinion | DW.COM | 17.06.2016

The conclusion is that hopefully voters will, at the last moment in the polling booth, shy away from destruction.

Whilst I agree with the thrust of the argument in this article, I think that Ms. Wesel misses an important point. David Cameron called the referendum after he returned from negotiations with EU partners. Had the EU, especially Germany, been more accommodating to the UK, then perhaps UK voters could have been assured. There is still room for major intervention from Germany and France. A last minute bonus on restricting immigration to the UK could sway the result of Brexit.



The Implications of Leave | The Cipher Brief


Read this expert opinion from Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

Source: The Implications of Leave | The Cipher Brief

Most significantly, he argues that immigration would not change post Brexit. So why are some people thinking about voting Brexit?

This is a very powerful, forceful and confident argument. Unquestionably, the UK would be worse off economically and in terms of defense.

Perhaps, the strongest point is that the UK would not survive ten years after Brexit.

Brexit supporters in the UK need to think again and vote in favor of the UK remaining in the EU.