Britain’s EU referendum – Divided we fall | Lead – The Economist

This is a brilliant, historic, must-read, lead article from the Economist. The Economist concludes that a vote to leave the European Union would diminish both Britain and Europe – so the the Economist is on balance strongly recommending Remain.

Source: Divided we fall | The Economist

This is certainly one of the best articles that I have read on Brexit.

For me personally, there are two quotes which are particularly insightful:

And, with the likes of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen fuelling economic nationalism and xenophobia, it (a vote for Brexit) would mark a defeat for the liberal order that has underpinned the West’s prosperity.

…Yet in the post-truth politics that is rocking Western democracies, illusions are more alluring than authority.

Since April, this blog has been sharing some of the world’s best commentary on the Brexit debate with a few editorial insights. My colleague and friend, John Gelmini, has repeatedly intervened with the Brexit case when I have passionately argued for Remain.

For months now, I have observed the Brexit leaders following the modern Pied Pipers of Hamelin (Farage and Johnson). See my article, Brexit – Cosmopolitans, Ostriches, Lemmings & the Pied Piper. I have consistently struggled with the Brexit supporters ignoring the evidence – the Economist brilliantly sums this up as post truth politics. The Economist held back from linking post-truth politics to the politics of hate. Poly Toynbee in the Guardian sees the far right-wing gaining political control with a Brexit win. See, Brexit supporters have unleashed furies even they can’t control | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian

My conclusion is that a vote for Brexit will signal the beginning of the end for Great Britain. Don’t let the Little Englanders win!