The right choice is to remain | Editorials | Voices | The Independent

The Independent’s editorial on Brexit is outstanding and a must-read. It argues that it is perhaps not too dramatic to suggest that the British people today stand at a fork in the road of the United Kingdom’s history. It reminds us that by the end of this week, a referendum will have decided – for the foreseeable future – Britain’s place in the European Union, which in turn will effectively determine what kind of country ours is to be.

Source: The right choice is to remain | Editorials | Voices | The Independent

The Independent concludes:

In this battle between globalists and nativists, we stand with the former. A vote to stay in the EU is not a vote for the past, but for an enlightened future.



E.U. Countries Warn Britain on ‘Brexit’: You’ll Pay if You Leave Us – The New York Times

Here is another excellent Brexit article from the NYT. It’s a must read. The article argues that if the UK vote to depart the EU bloc, it should expect an unforgiving response from Brussels, which is wary of other nations following suit.

Source:E.U. Countries Warn Britain on ‘Brexit’: You’ll Pay if You Leave Us – The New York Times

The political, economic and social context is clear. With a vote for Brexit, there will be extreme risks and volatility. It is complete nonsense to suggest that the UK will have two years to postulate after a Brexit win. The financial markets are clear, a win for Brexit will signal bad news not just for the UK economy but the world. This is highly significant.

Whilst there are ordinary law-abiding people who are drawn to Brexit, in the coming days they must surely question being associated with Nigel Farage and his racist supporters. Fascism in Europe is on the rise once again. The EU deserves a chance to reform with the UK leading the way from within.