George Soros: EU exit risks ‘black Friday’ | Business | The Guardian

In this Guardian exclusive, currency speculator, George Soros,  warns Sterling’s devaluation would mean more disruption than when UK dropped out of ERM in 1992.

Source: George Soros: EU exit risks ‘black Friday’ | Business | The Guardian

One of the amazing things about the Brexit supporters’ arguments has been their absence of evidence, simply shooting down expert messengers or saying, ‘it’s impossible to predict the future – nobody knows what will happen after Brexit’. The Economist described this as post truth politics. Those leading Brexit, like Nigel Farage, have repeated message of hate and xenophobia – this probably led to directly to the identifying and murdering of pro-Brexit MP, Jo Cox.

For months, the expert evidence has shown time and time again that Brexit would precipitate enormous risks and seriously questionable benefits. But Brexiteers have been in denial, arguing that the UK would have two years to renegotiate with Europe – this has now been proven to be an inaccurate and dishonest position.

George Soros, who previously brought the Pound to its knees, is one of the world’s most famous speculators. Soros has confirmed that the risks are real and Friday will be again be Black Friday if the UK votes to leave the EU.

The super rich – people like Soros – who support right-wing Conservative MPs, will make billions out of the chaos and climate of deregulation. Ordinary British, people who listen to Farage, must remember the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin – the children did not return. Simply, ordinary British people and their families will be very badly affected by Brexit – in my view, they will be worse off economically, socially and politically.


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