Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce begins –

The FT reports that Britain’s vote to leave the EU sets in train the world’s most complex divorce. It argues that there are rough guidelines on how to proceed, but the negotiation will be largely improvised. Estimates of how long it will take range from two years to a decade or more.

Source: Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce begins –

Being a Remain campaigner, I am deeply saddened this morning. However, I am reminded of the old saying, ‘The king is dead – long live the king!.

This morning leaders of the Brexit campaign are calling for calm and reflection. Meanwhile, the financial markets are down sharply.

Soon the Prime Minister and the Governor of the BoE will speak publicly.

The big decision is when to invoke the two year exit process.  Many Brexit supporters are suggesting waiting until after the French and German national elections. Another critical issue is who will lead the negotiations.

The longer the renegotiation process the greater the probable economic damage for the UK.

The greater the acrimony between the UK and the EU, the bigger the financial windfall for the advising lawyers and consultants.


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  1. There needs to be a period of calm reflection, followed by the eventual replacement of Messrs Cameron and Osborne with a new Prime Minister that is actually a proper Conservative, like Andrea Leadsom and a Chancellor who understands economics and the country’s need to sell its way out of trouble. We do not need the present incumbents “staying on”, nor an election nor silly Conservative Party infighting which creates uncertainty and we do not need another Coalition, where sandal wearing Tofu eaters and champagne socialists from the Guardian prevent the Government from undertaking much needed public sector reform and the application of the bunsen burner flame to the UK’s complacent corporate-ocracy.

    We need to begin dealing with the issues that people will not bring themselves to talk about, such as very low UK worker productivity, the size of the public sector, the obesity crisis, lack of exports, the untrammelled greed of British bosses who pay themselves too much money, the poor state of state education, and the bosses who for the most part fail to deliver or set a proper example to their workforces.

    It was laziness and lack of productivity which caused employers to look overseas for harder working better educated and more productive employees in the first place but those employers and the politicians failed to have the difficult conversations that were needed and need to do so now.

    The country needs to look at all unnecessary costs and in that direction we need to see an example set with a slimmed down Monarchy, House of Lords abolition, and replacement with a slim Senate, composed of highly intelligent people, not tainted with corruption and the firing of the worst 459 MPs combined with boundary reform to reflect true public opinion.

    The negotiations that lie ahead need to be conducted by realists and tough minded people who know how to negotiate, not people like the Prime Minister, who has led a gilded life of ease who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag and lacks the street fighting capabilities of a Margaret Thatcher, someone who originally came up the hard way.

    There really cannot be a slide back into time honoured ways and “business as usual” on the part of anyone.

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