Action Now – EU referendum petition signed by more than 2m – BBC News

The BBC reports that a petition calling for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU tops two million signatures, after the vote to leave.

Source: EU referendum petition signed by more than 2m – BBC News

The referendum was a sham. I’ve signed up requesting another vote.

Please sign the petition, if you are a UK citizen with a right to vote.

It’s time for democracy to knock populism into shape.





10 responses

  1. There will be no second referendum as that could only happen due to irregularities associated with the voting process during the referendum that was just conducted. There are/were no irregularities or known misconduct that can justify a second referendum.

    • The UK does not have a constitution. The government and parliament are not legally obliged to act on the referendum. A second referendum could clarify the way forward

      • My view is that the outcome of the referendum is disastrous. However, in response to your comment, traditions, governance and laws in the UK are based on precedent and the same should apply in this case in order to avoid a total and complete chaos. The damage is done to a degree. I do believe that the Exit will be watered down in the negotiation process.

  2. Oh Dr Alf, so the referendum is a sham because you disagree with the result. Well the 1975 referendum was a sham because the electorate were lied to that the EEC was just a Common Market, when in reality it was the stepping stone to a political union.

    • The Brexit referendum was a simplistic binary choice yet people were voting about many different things. Many were dissatisfied with the consequences of austerity and were protesting. Others thought that the vote would reduce immigration and that would result in more jobs for the indigenous population.

      The world has reacted with horror to the Brexit decision. Many Brits are simply ashamed.

      It’s a monumental mess. Cameron was right to resign & Corbyn must follow.

      For me, the only proper, legal and democratic way forward is a general election with all political parties sharing costed & risk assessed manifestos.

      • I’m not ashamed, I am proud to have voted Leave, because the EU needs to be rolled back to a Common Market and nothing more than that; but the EU has gone past the point where it can be reformed from within. A second referendum would cause irrevocable damage to this country by destroying all confidence in the democratic process, the message to all those who voted Leave being that they don’t count. As it is, if a second referendum is forced through I shan’t bother voting because it will be quite clear that my vote doesn’t count. Ditto, if a general election is called on this issue. I’ve had enough.

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