Brexit Result – the outlook for Young Britons

Young Britons, who overwhelmingly voted for Remain, will be increasingly angry that it is their grand-parents’ generation, the 50+ who have perhaps destroyed their future potential.

There are two groups who voted for Brexit

Young Britons need to look to Southern Europe, where austerity and under-investment as a result of conservative economic management have left a generation outside work. The economic uncertainty in the UK over the coming years will mean fewer job opportunities and less overseas investment. Because of the Brexit result, skilled and educated Britons will have to look to opportunities overseas (although the EU will be more difficult with reciprocal employment restrictions).

The financial market meltdown can quickly lead to recession and possibly depression. The weakest will be the most vulnerable. Those without higher education and specialist skills, who voted for Brexit, will likely find fewer and fewer jobs. For many, they were hoping for an immediate cut in immigration to make more jobs available. Employers want to the most educated, skilled, motivated and hard-working staff – sadly, the future will be harder for working class Britons, not easier. Jeremy Corbyn should resign because he has precipitated the emerging crisis for working class Britons. Corbyn represents the extreme left, not traditional socialist values of the Labour Party – like Brexit which was hijacked by populists, we have seen the same populism blight the Labour Party – Labour MPs must now oust Corbyn.

BUT it’s not too late for Brexit. Constitutionally, it’s up to the government and parliament to decide on next steps. If they feel that the people were mislead, by Farage for example, then, in the interest of democracy, they can act accordingly. Perhaps another referendum to clarify the way forward?



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  1. At least there are lots and lots of cameras all over the country so the authorities can catch those out-of-work miscreants when they act up. Yes, this looks like a bad idea especially for the young and less educated. But, it seems they were fed up enough with the way things were being run that they’d risk this big change. The more people rely on politicians to save them the worse their lives are going to be. Yet, that seems to be how so many in Europe think. They want Big Government without the burden of Big Government. Good luck to everyone!

  2. Successive UK Governments have failed young people, older people and the new class of marginalised and probably very stupid people whom the Bilderbergers discussed at their meeting in Dresden at the beginning of the month – the “Precariat”.

    As Dr Alf will know, they failed them by dumbing down the state education system to the point where it was 44th in the world; they allowed bloated local authorities to close down libraries, so that young people were discouraged from reading on their own time; they sold off playing fields on the basis that competition would “damage ” losers. This turned these youngsters into overweight couch potatoes who were as useless to themselves as they would be to any employer, British or otherwise.
    If any of them were going to work in Europe, they would need to learn languages but language teaching was more or less stopped, other than in private schools, more than 30 years ago and with Latin, the root of many European languages, it was even longer.

    Automation, AI, Robotics and cybernetics is going to destroy 50% of American jobs by 2033 and in Europe which has not created a single nett new job in 20 years, the figure will be 75%.

    European leaders, UK leaders and those at the top of global businesses have been content to discuss these matters in private but the truth is that a lot of young people everywhere that lack the intellectual capacity to become financial directors, lawyers, doctors, army commanders and “Masters of the Universe” are going to have to go “off grid” and become totally self-sufficient with a toolkit of different languages and skills and “swarm out” to other countries, just as the Chinese have been doing for years, the pioneers did in America, and some Africans are doing now.

    Those in charge of the EU project and many of those on the other side have been pretending that this isn’t happening and that with one bound and the old prescriptions it will all come right on the night.

    20% of young Britons are unable to read, write and communicate and are effectively unemployable.

    The remaining 80% are not competitive with others from around the world and have to be rendered into that state. The old and uneducated can be dealt with by rationing healthcare and being allowed to consume fluoride treated water and carcinogenic substances in food and to not cook properly, exercise or take vitamins. This is already happening now, although many are malingering, overeating and making health provision for everyone else.

    Parliament must start to talk openly about these matters, respect the Referendum result and tell some home truths. This will be difficult but it has to be done otherwise there really will be big trouble ahead.

    The UK will need to rejoin EFTA, reforge Commonwealth links and links to South America and reduce Corporation taxes and other business taxes to a level below that of Singapore to get large amounts of inward investment into the country and to stop the outflow of Corporation Tax to the Dublin Financial District.

    We need to reintroduce National Service and prepare people for a new life of personal responsibility and standing on your feet which means business boot camps and a halfway house between full time education and work.

    Industries where we have market leadership or could have it need to be earmarked and given accelerated writing down allowances and export incentives, the export sales-force must be quadrupled and all export salespersons issued with the new American invention which is the size of a pea and enables a person speaking in English to be heard in French, German or Mandarin whilst they, when fitted with the same device, can speak in their own language and be heard in English.

    The public sector which is unaffordable must be reformed as it acts as a brake on business growth and has done for years.

    We need a bonfire of unnecessary councils, constabularies, fire commands, quangos and Chief Executives whose whole mission in life seems to be rewards for failure and doing nothing, then we must phase out the Barnett Formula; most if not all foreign aid, abolish the House of Lords, fire all but 200 MPs as a signal that we really do mean business and abolish and replace the NHS.

    In the interim we need a replacement for David Cameron who is younger, a true Conservative, telegenic and able to think strategically and better still, negotiate hard.

    Andrea Leadsom fits the bill rather than May, Fox,Boris and Nicky Morgan who are unsuitable and who give politically correct answers.

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