Britain and the EU – tragic split | Lead – The Economist

In this historic lead from the Economist, it explores how to minimise the damage of Britain’s senseless, self-inflicted blow.

Source: Britain and the EU – tragic split | The Economist

This is an important must-read article. It tries to draw the line and move on signalling the way forward.

The Economist rightly refers to David Cameron’s catastrophic judgement.

For me, the Economist article does not focus sufficiently on the how and why questions, especially in relation to Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Let’s be clear, it’s the less well educated working classes in England, with the exception of London, that triggered the Brexit decision – I fear that they will also be the most hurt economically. See my reblogs of Tony Blair’s op-ed in the NYT and Fraser Nelson, Spectator editor’s  in the WSJ.


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