Opinion – Tony Blair: Brexit’s Stunning Coup – Op Ed – The New York Times

Former UK PM, Tony Blair, writes a brilliant, must-read, op-ed in the NYT. Blair alarmingly warns that unless the political center finds new resolve, populist movements of left and right will rush in to fill the power vacuum.

Source: Tony Blair: Brexit’s Stunning Coup – The New York Times

For me, Blair is absolutely right. Economic meltdown has started and political meltdown will follow. I saw this some months ago. See my article How a Brexit risks triggering return of Far Right, loss Europe’s democracies and WWIII – A Cosmopolitan’s Doomsday Scenario.

For a more detailed post Brexit analysis, see my critique of Fraser Nelson’s article in the WSJ.

Tony Blair is right to point to Jeremy Corbyn as the real villain who has abandoned Labour’s working class voters. Attention now needs to focus on whether Corbyn’s pulling of his punches triggered Brexit. In boxing terms, ‘Did Corbyn throw the fight’? Traditional Labour voters will soon feel abandoned and seriously screwed by economic hardship – I fear they will turn to Farage and his racist followers.

Tony Blair is right. We need to reaffirm the center of politics before it is too late. Otherwise we face the Far Right Vs. the Far Left – like the dangerous world prior to WWII when ordinary people were also suffering economic hardship. In the thirties, the puppeteers were Hitler and Mussolini – now they are Farage, Le Pen, Trump et al.


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  1. Dr Alf makes good points about Jeremy Corbyn, who I think wanted an excuse to purge the Labour Party who abandoned working class people and the new “Precariat” years ago. Those disaffected elements will coalesce around people like Tristram Hunt and Chuka Umana and create a new centre left Party, which will absorb the Tofu eating Liberal Democrats and Tim Farron. The “Precariat” were doomed anyway, through health rationing under the NHS, deindustrialisation and robotics, regardless of which way they voted in the Referendum. Nigel Farage and his crew will join the right wing of the Conservative Party which now needs a Prime Minister who can negotiate and schmooze. For that reason someone perhaps a woman like Leadsom or perhaps a skipper of generations would be a better choice than Boris.

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