Opinion – An open letter to Europe, on behalf of the 48 per cent who voted to remain | Voices | The Independent

James Moore, the Deputy Business Editor of the Independent writes a passionate  open letter to Europe, on behalf of the 48 per cent who voted to remain. Here’s the introduction:

Within a few short years the 48 per cent will be the 50 per cent, and then the 55. The young voted Remain by a substantial majority. Many of us feel betrayed

Source: An open letter to Europe, on behalf of the 48 per cent who voted to remain | Voices | The Independent

I read this letter with sadness because clearly the divisiveness will grow and last for years. With hindsight, I think that the referendum was a terrible mistake.

As a one-nation conservative, passionate European, and a lifelong Margaret Thatcher supporter, I take strong exception to the following statement:

The behaviour of the neo-Thatcherite cabal now moving to take over as its new elite can only have compounded that

For me, this was a cheap swipe that demeaned an otherwise excellent article. The 52% is made up of:

  • UKIP supporters
  • Tory right-wing supporters and
  • Traditional Labour supporters (in England but outside London and a few major cities), protesting at austerity and believing that Brexit would reduce immigration creating more jobs for the indigenous population. It is this group that swung the referendum. They were abandoned in Jeremy Corbyn’s weak campaigning.

Many prominent Conservative Party politicians are passionately pro-Europe and they campaigned tirelessly for Remain. Let’s remember that this included the currently most senior government ministers, David Cameron and George Osborne.

David Cameron has chosen to resign and left the Article 50 activation date to his successor. This was a shrewd move.

Immediate attention is now on David Cameron’s successor and whether Jeremy Corbyn will be removed. With a small lead in parliament, I question whether the Conservative government will have the political clout to effectively implement the referendum and deal with the economic fallout. Corbyn’s far-left politics has turned away many traditional Labour voters who may now move to UKIP.

Let’s face it, it was probably the divided Labour Party that swung the referendum. Many traditional Labour Party supporters now risk being caught in the economic consequences of the decision. There are too many champagne socialists working for the left-leaning media in the UK. Also The Labour Party has been hijacked by Jeremy Corbyn and his far-left sponsors. See Tony Blair’s outstanding op-ed in the NYT. 

I know that this referendum has highlighted the rise of populism and post-truth politics but this blog still relies on evidence.




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