Opinion – The culpability of Jeremy Corbyn | The Economist

Here’s an excellent article from the Economist. It argues that Mr Corbyn’s weak campaign to remain in the EU leaves him scorned by MPs and northern voters alike.

Source: The culpability of Jeremy Corbyn | The Economist

Apart from the right of the Labour Party, there is evidence that unions are dissatisfied with Corbyn too. Unions will worry that their membership and power will be further eroded as a result of the Brexit result.

The simplistic binary vote has backfired. Populism is not the same as democracy. The democratic way forward is a general election with all parties publishing properly costed and risk assessed manifestos.

There’s an urgent need to ditch the deadwood from British politics and that must include Jeremy Corbyn – he’s had his day, just like David Cameron.

It’s unacceptable for the leaders of the UK’s major political parties to be elected without popular mandate.

For me, the proper next step is to put Article 50 on the back burner and call another election or as an intermediate step another referendum.


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