Brexit: Why did older voters choose to Leave the EU? | UK Politics | News | The Independent

Just a few days before the EU referendum – on June 19 and 20 – the Independent carried out an internet survey of the electorate in Britain and asked more than 2,100 people how they were planning to vote. Some 49% of respondents planned to vote to stay in the EU, with 51% to leave (the result was 49% remain and 52% leave among likely voters). Given that 48% opted to remain and 52% to leave in the actual referendum vote, the survey provided a fairly accurate picture of what happened.

Source: Brexit: Why did older voters choose to Leave the EU? | UK Politics | News | The Independent

The authors of the research are Paul Whiteley, Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex and Harold D Clarke, Ashbel Smith Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

For me, the research adds to our understanding of what happened on this historic day.

I am still convinced that many voters were taken in by what is described increasingly as the Big Lies by Farage et al.   The promises on immigration and diverting EU funding to the NHS just can’t be delivered. Many commentators are expecting increasing anger from those who voted Brexit on promises from Farage/ Johnson and the other populists.

Now is time for careful analysis of what happened, why it happened and charting the way forward. Very cool heads are required.



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