Why Brexit will not happen – EurActiv.com

In this excellent EurActiv article, MEP Sorin Moisa argues that the “Big Lie” promoted by the Leave campaign will be exposed before Britain can actually leave the EU, and that a second referendum will reject Brexit.

Source: Why Brexit will not happen – EurActiv.com

The article explores the Big Lies that were the foundation of the Brexit case. It expects those who voted Brexit on the base of mis-truths to get increasingly angry as they see the huge costs of Brexit but no benefits.

This morning the NYT and the WSJ also have articles exploring why Brexit will not happen.

It will be interesting to see how the financial markets react.

As a passionate European, I still believe that the UK’s place is in Europe.

Certainly, the next few months will need cool heads.



One response

  1. Cool heads are needed and the UK will have a relationship with Europe but it will not be in an unreformed EU.

    This is despite the unseemly pressure from the EU to force a negotiation with a lame duck Prime Minister at a time when there isn’t even a transitional leader in place to bridge the gap between now and the appointment of a new one who is a true Conservative, not prone to changing his or her mind every minute and who has the strength of will to deal with currency speculators, siren voices and negotiate hard over a very long period of time.

    Corporation tax needs to be lowered to below Singaporean and Dublin Financial District levels to immediately replace monies which currently go to those places and cancel out our puny efforts to export anything and other measures are required to strengthen the country, send out a signal that we are for once serious about reform before the new Prime Minister even thinks about triggering Article 50.

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