Will article 50 ever be triggered? | Politics | The Guardian

In this excellent article, the Guardian explores whether Article 50 will ever be triggered. It reports that the PM has said he will hand the task of starting the Brexit process to his successor, giving hope to remain supporters.

Source: Will article 50 ever be triggered? | Politics | The Guardian

The Guardian article explores different means of triggering Article 50. At the extreme, it talks of verbal triggering and simple expulsion of the UK without Article 50 being activated.

Clearly, the EU bureaucrats are in a hurry to begin the process of departure and restore some semblance of normality. Meanwhile, Angela Merkel has shrewdly taken the long view. Although Merkel has received some intense criticism in recent years, both in Germany and abroad, she remains an outstanding politician, well capable of managing the crisis.

Today there are two primary things to watch. Firstly, attention needs to be focused on financial markets and possible intervention from central bankers. Secondly, events in the UK parliament will be closely scrutinized to see if the UK government has any effective contingency plans to accommodate Brexit. Attention will focus on Chancellor, George Osborne.

In addition, we can possibly expect to hear from some candidates who feel they are big enough to take on David Cameron’s poison chalice (see Guardian article). Finally, the pressure for Jeremy Corbyn to go will intensify with new revelations.


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