EU Brexit summit – live updates | Europe | DW.COM | 28.06.2016

This is an excellent article from Germany’s DW via Mark Hallam and Doris Pundy. It reports that UK PM Cameron was supposed to present the next steps in the “divorce” from the EU – but after his resignation, it questioned whether there anything he can do to calm Brussels or London.

Source: EU Brexit summit – live updates | Europe | DW.COM | 28.06.2016

Europe is beginning to recognize the Brexit decision as shallow without an underlying divorce plan. The world’s media is starting to hold Johnson and Farage to account for their false promises to the UK electorate. 

Assuming that Johnson and Farage can be held to account by the UK parliament for their ‘porkies’, perhaps the divorce will eventually be seen as a marriage tantrum?


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  1. Dr Alf chooses his words carefully but “assuming that Farage and Johnson can be held accountable” is going to be a stretch given the fact that Grayling,Lord Lawson,Gove and Labour’s Gisela Stuart were all involved.Kate Hoey was almost as careful as Dr Alf but with Boris Johnson I think his flights of exaggeration ,proneness to argue with himself,reverse positions are going to be hard to nail down.
    With Farage it might be easier in that Brexit is one thing and stating openly that you want to encourage others to leave is openly destructive.
    I felt that we should leave quietly,lower Corporation taxes,increase writing down allowances,massively increase exports and engage in shock therapy for the UK economy to bring in money and cut the public sector down to size whilst using a nearshoring location and some clever footwork to keep the passporting rights for the City. This and some stern measures to discourage currency speculation would have blunted some of the capacity for financial trouble.
    Free movement should be renegotiated to cover jobs of a special nature that are essential to the country involved as is the case in America where all such jobs are advertised for 3 months before they can be taken up by someone from outside the country.

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