Opinion – Brexit Proponents’ False Promises Crumble – Editorial – The New York Times

Boris Johnson graffiti

Boris Johnson graffiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Nigel Farage.

English: Nigel Farage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read this outstanding editorial from the NYT, highlighting how Johnson and Farage are back-pedaling fast on Brexit promises. This article highlights how Brexit voters were conned by Johnson and Farage.

Source: Brexit Proponents’ False Promises Crumble – The New York Times

Now the UK has a political, economic, constitutional and foreign policy disaster.

Perhaps not?

As the Euro crisis has unfolded and the ECB has suggested radical monetary policy, Germany has repeatedly referred decisions to the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany – the world has been forced to wait. In recent days, I have been following the discussions of English legal experts on the UK equivalent. They have identified  The Big Green Button Bill – via Jolyon Maugham QC.

It seems that the UK’s prime minister may not have the legal authority to action Article 50 and trigger the UK’s formal exit process from the EU.

Apart from false promises on new funds for the NHS and ability to block immigration, Brexit supporters were promised return of parliamentary sovereignty.

Well it’s time for parliamentary democracy to challenge both Johnson and Farage in the UK and EU parliament respectively. Then parliament must debate the The Green Button Bill. Finally, there’s a need for a national election to ratify The Green Button Bill.



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