BREAKING NEWS: Boris pulls out from PM race!

Follow all the developments as Michael Gove, and Theresa May  launch their leadership bids and Jeremy Corbyn faces calls to resign. Big bomshell is that Boris Johnson is not running.

Source: Live: Top Tories launch leadership campaigns as Corbyn faces further pressure | PoliticsHome.

So Boris bottled it. Will history judge Boris King of BS?



2 responses

  1. I agree with you about Theresa May. She’s competent but dull. She’s not a natural leader, too much a control freak and not prepared to delegate, with a mixed record at the Home Office. But she’s probably going to be in the final shortlist of two.

    Gove is unsure of himself and inexperienced – it’s worrying that he’s stabbed both Cameron and Johnson in the back.

    As for the rest of the field, they are all too inexperienced or tarnished in my view.

    It will be interesting to see whom George Osborne backs

  2. Boris is not Prime Ministerial material so now we need to drill down a generation and let the candidates do battle.Mrs May has upset the police,failed to reform them and failed to reform the Home Office. Gove is too polite and needs to learn to street fight many of the others are inexperienced,not at all like Dr Alf’s “wily performers”. To quote Lord Sugar on the Apprentice “The search continues”.

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