Britain’s Left is boiling up at the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and I am very excited – Socialist Voice

Bolshevik by Boris Kustodiev, a visual represe...

Bolshevik by Boris Kustodiev, a visual representation of the Russian Revolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am alarmed at the following post. The Labour Party has been kidnapped by shadowy radicals.

Personally, I think the Blairites should form a new UK political party. As is evidenced by the following post, the Labour Party has been hijacked by the extreme-left for whom the end justifies the means.

I agree with Tony Blair in his outstanding op-ed in the NYT, where he argued passionately against the rise of both far-left populism and far-right populism.

There is an urgent need for the political center to regain power.

Socialist Voice ☭

Labour is officially in civil war. Blairites and their cohorts have carried out their threatened coup against Jeremy Corbyn and he will now have a leadership challenge after losing a vote of no confidence.

40 MPs backed Corbyn and 172 traitors voted against him. This has caused widespread anger and militancy in and outside of Labour. Grassroots MPs and supporters are furious and disappointed; trade unions are now in fighting mode; Momentum is to organise and manage Corbyn’s leadership campaign and hold demonstrations outside Labour MPs’ constituency offices, but most interestingly the SNP has come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn while Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale calls for him to resign. She has effectively committed political suicide and Scottish Labour’s support will undoubtedly recede further to the advantage of the SNP. Well done, Kezia; you really do know how to make friends and influence people.

Corbyn is now being…

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  2. Dr Alf is right but the new party needs to be led by someone other than the ill dressed ,corpulent and shrill Angela Eagle who actually looks like a Prime Minister and has the gravitas and social awareness to be taken seriously by world leaders.Jeremy Corbyn is an old fashioned 1970’s style Dave Spart who is backed by business illiterates in the Socialist Workers Party who made trouble in Liverpool in the 1980’s,caused disruption in the Post Office along with the Communications Workers Union and hel up the mail in my local sorting office in Stevenage for more than 5 years with a series of marches through the town and bloody minded unofficial action. He needs to be marginalised so that like a retired carthorse he can be effectively put out to grass where he can do no harm. As it is he will do harm not that I rate any of the sorry excuses who masquerade as MP’s in the Labour Party as anything other than seekers of power who in normal business life would not be employed by anyone. The Referendum represents an opportunity for reform whereby the 459 most useless MP’s need to be napalmed along with the House of Lords and leaders who do not deliver. As a start Corbyn as yesterday’s man needs to be rendered harmless but the new party must be composed of credible people who one could imagine as an alternative Government rather than people I would not want mowing my lawn.

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