Gove’s leadership bid verdict: ‘a real chance he could win’ | Global | The Guardian

This is a fascinating article from the Guardian. It reports that Michael Gove launches his bid with an assassination of Boris Johnson’s leadership ambitions, with whom he ran the Vote Leave campaign.

Source: Gove’s leadership bid verdict: ‘a real chance he could win’ | Global | The Guardian

The article speculates that he could have a real chance of winning.

I’m less sure. Gove seems too modest and unsure of himself. He’s now stabbed both David Cameron and Boris Johnson in the back. He’s not that experienced as a minister and he’s probably not telegenic like David Cameron. Gove apparently has socially liberal views on race, gay marriage and social mobility. But he’s a strong Eurosceptic and neoconservative on foreign affairs. He was adopted as a child by a Labour supporting family. He won a scholarship to an independent school and went to Oxford where was the President of the Union.

Gove will obviously appeal to Brexit supporters but it’s not clear whether he has the qualities to unite both his party and the country.

Time will tell. For me, Gove is no David Cameron.


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  1. The article is wrong on several counts and Dr Alf is right to have doubts about Gove and the accuracy of the article.
    First people are not going to be impressed by Gove’s disloyalty to a man he was happy to campaign with for weeks. Boris has many failings but if Gove had misgivings he should not have shared the same platform with him from the outset.
    2nd,Gove is not a consensus builder or what the Australians call a “bridger” so he will by sounding too much like a 1950’s schoolmaster in “Mr Quelch” mode he will put a lot of people off and fail to reach many others.
    3rd,he looks too bookish and is not someone I could envisage going toe to toe with Angela Merkel or in the future Xi Jin Ping ,Vladimir Putin or Recip Erdogan.
    Mrs May would be a better choice although she is not who I would choose out of this lacklustre field.

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