Brexit Fallout – Adrift | Leader – The Economist

An outstanding lead article from the Economist. looking at Brexit fallout and the UK cut adrift. The Economist concludes that by far the most likely outcome of this sorry situation remains Brexit. However, it cautions that it would be wrong completely to discount the possibility of an inelegant, humiliating, and yet welcome, Breversal.

Source: Adrift | The Economist

If the final Brexit deal is a Norway option with it’s many downsides, it would be good if the next PM finds a role for Gove and Johnson in selling this option to the British public.

Brexit supporters must be made to understand the ‘Big Lies’ peddled by Farage, Johnson, Gove et al. Most important of all, immigration cannot be stopped and regaining national sovereignty is a quaint notion in today’s geopolitical world. Aging Little Englanders and xenophobes must let go for the future of their children and grand-children.



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