Opinion – A party in flames and why it must be Theresa for leader | Editorial – Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Theresa May

Theresa May (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the available candidates it probably has to be Theresa May, although I would have preferred a different candidate. Relations with China and the police have to be rebuilt along with our defences, export readiness and energy/food security so that we can accommodate existing and future migrant flows.

Whether she has the ability for hard-nosed negotiating, or the stamina for all night sessions with Eurocrats, is questionable as she is a full blown diabetic who has to inject.

Some of her coldness can be removed by media training and intensive NLP but despite her experience I have trouble envisaging her dealing sensibly with Hillary Clinton, Xi Jin Ping, Erdogan or Vladimir Putin but less trouble with Mrs Merkel, Hollande and Tusk.

That said, like Dr Alf, I will have to hope that she can grow into the job. But as Dr Alf says, ‘she’s a safe pair of hands, capable of united party, country and dealing with European allies’.

John Gelmini

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