Opinion – The twin curse of masculinity and male-dominated politics helped create Brexit | Jacqueline Rose | Opinion | The Guardian


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Whilst I expected Brexit stories to start getting wacky or flaky, this op-ed by Jacqueline Rose in the Guardian, should take a prize. Respectfully, I find the whole article a load of twot!

Rose tries to argue that both the leave and remain campaigns suffered from the fact we expect men to strut the stage with no flicker of doubt.

Source: The twin curse of masculinity and male-dominated politics helped create Brexit | Jacqueline Rose | Opinion | The Guardian

Brexit has seen the whole gambit of world views in my view. For example, The Economist, prior to the vote, referred to post-truth politics. I respect the perspective of feminism but the case has definitely not been made by Ms. Rose.

In my view, there is perhaps an argument for writing up the post-modern view of Brexit? After all, it’s only raw power that can explain the irrational and the illogical behaviour. Post-modernism captures power and fear effectively. See my popular pre-Brexit blog for my own perspective, Brexit – Cosmopolitans, Ostriches, Lemmings and the Pied Piper

Personally, I am a realist. As a realist, if I take stock of the post-Brexit world, there’s a need for restoring truth and justice. Tony Blair is right in his NYT op-ed we cannot let far-left populists win any more than we can the far-right populists. That’s why we need a new political party to seize the central grounds of politics.


Opinion – A party in flames and why it must be Theresa for leader | Editorial – Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Theresa May

Theresa May (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the available candidates it probably has to be Theresa May, although I would have preferred a different candidate. Relations with China and the police have to be rebuilt along with our defences, export readiness and energy/food security so that we can accommodate existing and future migrant flows.

Whether she has the ability for hard-nosed negotiating, or the stamina for all night sessions with Eurocrats, is questionable as she is a full blown diabetic who has to inject.

Some of her coldness can be removed by media training and intensive NLP but despite her experience I have trouble envisaging her dealing sensibly with Hillary Clinton, Xi Jin Ping, Erdogan or Vladimir Putin but less trouble with Mrs Merkel, Hollande and Tusk.

That said, like Dr Alf, I will have to hope that she can grow into the job. But as Dr Alf says, ‘she’s a safe pair of hands, capable of united party, country and dealing with European allies’.

John Gelmini