The Corbyn hardcore plotting to deselect Labour moderates – Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this deeply worrying article, the Telegraph reveals that internal plots to get rid of moderate Labour MPs are being hatched by some members of the party’s new Momentum movement.

Source: The Corbyn hardcore plotting to deselect Labour moderates – Telegraph

Historically, the UK has been a beacon of democracy, with MPs close to their constituencies. Now the Telegraph reports shadowy far-left organizations pulling the strings in the Labour Party. When Corbyn become leader, vast numbers of far-left people became members with minor financial contributions.

Tony Blair is right in his NYT op-ed we cannot let far-left populists win any more than we can the far-right populists. That’s why we need a new political party to seize the central grounds of politics.



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  1. Dr Alf should not worry,most people in the country are not hard left so if Corbyn and his left wing friends deselect all the remaining MP’s the Government should use this as an opportunity to clear out all 459 not fit for purpose MP’s and abolish the House of Lords prior to replacing it with a Senate composed of intelligent people.
    Corbyn can be removed from the Privy Council and rendered legally unable to be the Leader of the Opposition,so if as some people imagine to be the case,the Queen has no power then the Prime Minister can order his un-appointment.
    The new centre left party can soon be created thus neutering the Corbynistas.

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