Brexit Triggers EU Power Struggle between Merkel and Juncker – SPIEGEL ONLINE

English: Marine Le Pen at the 1st of May Natio...

English: Marine Le Pen at the 1st of May National Front’s rally in honour of Joan of Arc, Paris. Français : Marine Le Pen au défilé du Front national en l’honneur de Jeanne d’Arc, le 1er mai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read from Spiegel.SPIEGEL takes you inside the vast EU power struggle triggered by the UK referendum. In response to Brexit, European Commission President Juncker wants deeper EU integration. But German Chancellor Merkel does not.

Source: Brexit Triggers EU Power Struggle between Merkel and Juncker – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Let me give you a flavor from the following extract:

It is a power struggle between two opposing camps, both of which see Brexit as an opportunity to finally change Europe to conform to the vision they have long had for the bloc. The protagonists of an institutionalized Europe are Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Parliament President Martin Schulz. On the other side stands the majority of Europe’s heads of state and government, led by Angela Merkel, who has created an alliance on this issue with those governments in Eastern Europe with whom she was at such odds in the refugee crisis just a few months ago.

It’s fascinating and revealing that French President was to to make things hard for Britain to to weaken Marine Le Pen‘s position in France.

This really is a quite brilliant article. It perhaps give the Brexit supporters some evidence that the Brussels bureaucracy has now taken charge for their own political ends.

Meanwhile, the UK will need to field its most capable negotiating team to maximize leverage for the UK. This is really important because it tends to support Theresa May as UK prime minister. It would be a mistake to use the less experienced but more passionate Brexit campaigners, Leadsom and Gove – also it seems to preclude a role for the unpredictable Johnson.

As for triggering Article 50, for strategic reasons this will probably need to deferred until after the French election in March 2017. But the UK should monitor carefully Marine Le Pen’s campaign.




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