Opinion – MP calls on Jeremy Corbyn to resign and ‘make way for someone with the backbone to confront antisemitism’ after he appears to compare Israel to ‘various self-styled Islamic states and organisations’ – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps some counter intuitive thinking is required here.

Instead of trying to “stop” Corbyn, the best way to deal with him is to isolate him by marginalisation.

That means creating a left of centre opposition party that left-wing Conservatives, the escaping Labour MPs and Farron’s Tofu eaters can join safely. This then satisfies Dr Alf and others who despair of Corbyn’s latent anti-Semitism and fear its spread through inexperienced ideologues who make up the rump of his “Dave Spart” support.

I take the view that it is better to have Corbyn ranting and making a fool of himself than it is to try and crush him because he is looking for martyrdom in the manner of a UK

Che Guevara in his trademark olive-green milit...

Che Guevara in his trademark olive-green military fatigues, June 2, 1959 Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Che Guevara.

His young deluded followers can be dealt with by passing legislation to prevent strikes in essential public services under which workers engaging in disruptive unofficial action can be dismissed en mass without compensation and replaced PATCO/Ronald Reagan style with ex military personnel.

We have rather too many people still counted as employed but who are in reality not working at all as well as people coming out of University with useless and good degrees but compelled to do menial jobs.

A reintroduction of National Service which would be compulsory for all school leavers and University graduates combined with intensive job and business boot camps would remove all these people from their normal environment so that they would be so busy that there would be no time for them to be radicalized or make trouble. They would learn teamwork, self-discipline and be forced to interact with and get along with all sorts of different people and rely on them when performing difficult tasks.

That form of intensive bonding in strange environments makes people reappraise themselves unless they are jihadists and mentally deranged people and thus the soil in which hateful philosophies can flourish is rendered less fertile.
Leaving people unemployed and festering allows them to look at their circumstances ,not like them and look for convenient scapegoats.

The Corbyn’s of this world need to be watched carefully in case they become like one of Stalin’s “useful fools” in the manner of Jack Jones the Trades Union leader who was mentored by Oleg Kalugin of the KGB and possibly the now deceased Harold Wilson who resigned very suddenly with the reasons never published to this day.

Nowadays people can be dispatched if they are really troublesome by mysterious heat attacks or even suicides administered by revolvers fired at point-blank range from the front that have no fingerprints(Dr David Kelly) and then it is a matter of finding a tame coroner or judge to apply the whitewash.

Marginalisation of Corbyn so that he rants into the wind seems by far the best policy rather than a Black Op using a team of invisibility suited assassins of the kind that have been around since 1974.

John Gelmini

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