Opinion – Response to Bagehot-Economist – If Labour won’t stand up for Remain voters, it’s time for a new party – John Gelmini

English: Houses of parliament London UK

English: Houses of parliament London UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the choices available which are uninspiring, May seems the better choice so I concur with Dr Alf’s diagnosis and his Strawman.

Corbyn and his “Red Guard” will be happy enough in a hijacked Labour Party and a new left of centre party needs to be created to accommodate all the Labour MPs who have abandoned Corbyn.

That said there is an opportunity for radical reform, with House of Lords abolition and replacement, a clear out of all but 200 of the MPs, a slimmed down Monarchy and some dramatic public sector reform.

Gove, the backstabber, said one true thing in his speech which was that there could no longer be “business as usual”, so if it is to be Mrs May, then we need to see her put on an “Ironman suit” complete with jetpack and start to modernise the country and have the very necessary tough conversations that are needed much faster than has been the case up to now.

This, and lowering of Corporation tax, is necessary to make us more competitive and reduce the ill effects of “hard landings” and the loss of Corporation tax revenue to the Dublin Financial District.

Very soon the EU Army will become a reality, along with a 4th bailout for Greece, a bailout for Italy, support for Portugal,TTIP and a further migrant crisis triggered by Turkey who is anxious to join the EU and has threatened to open the floodgates if their application to join does not happen fast enough. Cameron, Merkel and Tusk got no safeguards when they concluded their deal with Erdogan who is in “the box seat”.

John Gelmini

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