After Brexit, Can Germany Lead Europe Alone? – The New York Times

This is an excellent must read article from the NYT. It argues that the British exit from the E.U. has put Angela Merkel and her colleagues in a tough position amid nationalistic shifts on the Continent.

Source: After Brexit, Can Germany Lead Europe Alone? – The New York Times

There is a brilliant description of France ahead of the general election in March 2017. British Brexit negotiators need to expect hostility from France to try to deflect from France’s own weaknesses. My mind is grappling with the scenario that if Europe wants to play hardball with the UK perhaps Andrea Leadsom‘s plan for an immediate execution of Article 50 has some advantages – take the pain and pick up the pieces, after all Germany’s exporters will not want to lose the UK market?


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  1. Interesting piece but it overlooks the real dynamics at work here, in particular Italy’s role. Italy is perennially underestimated, I don’t know why, yet at this juncture in time, Italy has placed 2 of its citizens in key positions: Draghi at the European Central Bank and Mogherini at the helm of EU foreign affairs…

    • Hello,

      I take your point.

      Personally, I’m very worried about Italy and am following the news carefully.

      Firstly, there is the issue of the Italian banks, with the risk of one or more collapsing. If we factor in the European uncertainty post-Brexit referendum, there could be a knock-on effect for both French and German banks. This could all create a major Euro crisis – with the ECB’s armoury largely exhausted I speculate on whether the Eurozone is ready for fiscal stimulus?

      Secondly, I worry about the inequality in Italy, especially between north and south?

      Given your vantage, do you share my concerns?



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