Opinion – Chilcot: International Criminal Court says it will not investigate Tony Blair – but might prosecute soldiers | UK Politics | News | The Independent – John Gelmini


BlairIraqWarDemo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is hardly surprising, the Iraq war had several objectives and was planned at least two years in advance by the Neocons. Tony Blair effectively went along with GW Bush, even though the war was illegal, and there were no weapons of mass destruction. Those objectives including the seizure of oil, the Balkanisation of Iraq into three entities and the creation of a “Salafist Principality”, were met. Another objective was the seizure of something in the Baghdad museum, which the Americans wanted so badly that they placed the museum under heavy armed guard whilst other places experienced looting. Blair has no conscience and is devoid of honour but will avoid the consequences of his actions like most establishment figures for whom there is one law whilst everyone else is governed by the law of the land.


John Gelmini

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