Chilcot Report: How Tony Blair Sold the War – Carne Ross – Op-ed – The New York Times

This is an excellent op-ed published in the NYT by Carne Ross a former British diplomat who resigned in 2004 after giving then-secret evidence to a British inquiry into the war. Ross claims that the Chilcot Report condemns Britain’s reckless warmongers, yet omits the true cost — Iraq’s unnumbered dead.

Source: Chilcot Report: How Tony Blair Sold the War – The New York Times

Ross takes us through the evidence and conclusions with personal insights from direct involvement.



One response

  1. This war was not “done in my name” ,it was not necessary and not justified and Tony Blair “sold” the war on the basis of lies and the deliberate concealment of its true purposes.
    Those who were “sold” ,believed Blair when he said that the intelligence justified it on the basis that Prime Ministers generally tell the truth and are acting from honourable motives.
    In the case of Blair and Campbell we now and for a long time have known otherwise and follow the principles of “trust but verify” , “question everything” and “politicians lie”.

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