Suicide or Escape to Latin America? Mystery Behind Hitler’s Fate Unresolved – Sputnik

A headline in the U.S. Army newspaper Stars an...

A headline in the U.S. Army newspaper Stars and Stripes announcing Hitler’s death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sputnik News reports that officially Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, shooting himself in Führerbunker in Berlin and his wife Eva Braun is also said to have committed suicide together with him by poisoning herself with cyanide. But the article follows the reasoning of a prominent historian claiming that Hitler died many years later in South America.

Source: Suicide or Escape to Latin America? Mystery Behind Hitler’s Fate Unresolved

If this is more than a conspiracy theory, it raises questions about whether there was a conspiracy after WWII.


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  1. Dr Alf and others who may or may not believe the official account of Hitler’s death in the Berlin bunker should know about some of the history of that time leading up to the end of the war and its aftermath.


    Stalin did not believe that Hitler had died and sent his SMERSH operatives to try and find him.
    The dental records of the supposedly dead Hitler were examined as part of this process and were discovered to be those of a woman (not Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress).

    Allegedly, the Americans knew about this and so did the British and the Vatican and between them they organised the escape of hundreds of Nazis to South America and for the American space programme, Verner Von Braun, his SS scientists and of course Herman Oberth. This can be read about in detail under the heading “Project Paperclip”, which involved giving the ex Nazis new paperwork, new identities and money and then assisting them to escape.

    Mengele went to Montauk where he conducted mind control experiments for the OSS (forerunner of the CIA which was brought into being by Sir William Stephenson of MI6 and his American opposite number). Martin Bormann, Hitler’s strategist went to Argentina and arranged for much of the money looted from Europe to be reinvested and then sent back to Germany where it could be used to make Germany great again when combined with Marshall Plan aid.


    The last World War was allegedly financed by Unionbank Corporation, the Rockefeller and Wall Street banking houses and even the Panzer and Tiger tanks used General Motors engines which is why none of those factories were bombed. Allowing Hitler to be caught in the bunker by the Russians would have enabled an angry Stalin to discover who had really started the war, who had profited from it and who was responsible for inflicting 25 million Russian casualties on top of the 66 million he had killed in his Gulags.

    It would also have given the lie to the idea that Hitler had started the war all by himself, was a madman and had no assistance from others who were just as complicit as he was.

    Hitler’s bodyguard the 6 ft 6 inch super commando Otto Skorzeny shot a woman in the face in the bunker and arranged for everything to be set on fire, with the aid of others, some say Sir Ian Fleming, the man on whom the character James Bond is based; the entourage of Hitler and his mistress were transferred to a boat in a nearby canal, taken to a plane and then to a waiting submarine which took them to Spain. There with the help of General Franco Hitler went by submarine to Argentina where he lived with Eva Braun until 13th April 1962 having produced two children.

    Otto Skorzeny escaped to America and lived in Florida where he became an arms dealer and Mengele went to live in Paraguay.

    The Wiesenthal Institute knew he was there but the CIA pretended that they did not know where he was until 1980 when ABC television was able to find the house and even sent a reporter to the end of his 3 mile long driveway.

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